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Program at a glance
Sept. 2 afternoon   Keynote Session
Sept. 3 morning Special Session Engineering Excellence (I)
Sept. 3 afternoon Engineering Excellence (III) Engineering Excellence (II)


Sept. 2
Co-Organizer : 經濟部工業局智慧電子產業推動辦公室

Keynote Session Venue - Room 401
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 Opening Address and Today’s Taiwan Semiconductor Industry    
14:00 Keynote Speech -
Invention of Blue LED, Laser and Solid State Light
Prof. Shuji Nakamura University of California, Santa Barbara
14:50 Break
15:20 Panel Discussion
17:00 Adjourn


Sept. 3
Special Session to be announced

Special Session — IoT-I40 & BigData Room 616
Time Topic Speaker Association
09:00 Invited Speech
Convergence, a brief history of the future of the internet — Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Industrial Internet in context
Dr. Mark Mattingley-Scott IBM
09:30 Invited Speech
A Comprehensive Infrastructure for Test Productivity and Yield Improvement across the Manufacturing Product Lifecycle
Dr. Kenneth Harris PDF Solutions
10:00 Invited Speech
Do the Things Right and Earlier – Project “Shift-Left” with Verification Continuum
Thomas Li Synopsys
10:30 Break
10:40 Invited Speech
Big Data Business Model
Pony Ma EMC
11:10 Invited Speech
Big Data Analytics in Semiconductor Manufacturing and Test Operations: New Opportunities and Perspectives
Dr. Paul Simon Qualtera
11:40 Invited Speech
Using Data Analytics to Improve Process Tool Performance
Dr. Helen Armer Applied Materials
12:10 Lunch


Session — Engineering Excellence (I) Room 614
Time Topic Speaker Association
09:00 High-sensitivity negative-tone imaging materials using EUV exposure for sub-10 nm manufacturing Toru Fujimori EUVL IDC
09:20 I-fuse: A Disruptive OTP Technology for with Excellent Manufacturability Shine Chung Attopsemi
09:40 Capacitance Density and Breakdown Voltage Improvement By Optimizing the PECVD Dielectric Film Characteristics in Metal Insulator Metal Capacitors Chin-tsan Yeh Macronix
10:00 450mm FOUP/LPU system in advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes Angus Shiue NTUT
10:20 Break
10:50 Advanced On-Tool Temperature Sensor and Process Integration Mei-Wei Tsao Wilmington Infrared
11:10 Dishing and Erosion Amount Prediction According Pattern Density Calculation Algorithm in 3D Design Layout Kuang-Wei Chen Macronix
11:30 Novel Solution for In-line Analysis of Noble Metallic Impurities on Silicon Wafer Surface Jiahong Wu Toshiba
11:50 Evaluation of particle removal efficiency of filters in high temperature sulfuric acid using 30 nm liquid particle counter Tomoyuki Takakura Nihon Pall
12:10 Lunch


Session — Engineering Excellence (II) Room 616
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 Data analytics in semiconductor industry David Wang MKS Umetrics
13:50 Tool Log Mining for Productivity Improvement James Lin UMC
14:10 Intelligent Sensitivity Tracking of Manufacturing Tool Tuning Chia-Jui Chuang tsmc
14:30 Using Text Mining to Handle Unstructured Data in Semiconductor Manufacturing Yan-Hsiu Liu UMC
14:50 Nondestructive in Chip Multi-Layer Weak Pattern Real Time Detection Hsin-Ming Hou UMC
15:10 Break  
15:40 Optimization of Probe Capability using MPCpS Wiljelm Carl Olalia ON Semiconductor
16:00 Production Control System to Integrate Lot-Level and Mass Volume Production Dispatching Rules for Output Optimization in a Wafer Fab Chih Ming Chan GlobalFoundries
16:20 The Measurement of Wait Time in Non-productive Process of Process Units Chieh-yuan Tiao UMC
16:40 Instantaneous generation of many flaked particles caused by micro-arc discharge and detection method using load impedance Yuji Kasashima AIST
17:00 Adjourn


Session — Engineering Excellence (III) Room 614
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 Data Fusion at the Source: Standards and Technologies for Seamless Sensor Integration Alan Weber Cimetrix
13:50 A Review of Variance Amplifications by APC K. Hui tsmc
14:10 Six Sigma Approach of Eliminating Device Bad Trimming Issue Wiljelm Carl Olalia ON Semiconductor
14:30 Inspection Sensitivity Improvement By Wafer Sort Failure Sites Matching Algorithm Yi-Ting Kuo Macronix
14:50 Highly Effective and High Throughput Chipping Monitor to Prevent Wafer Cracking Chen-Hsuan Yen tsmc
15:10 Break  
15:40 Advanced High Accuracy Scanning Electron Microscopy Review Methodology By Virtual Defect Yi-Ting Kuo Macronix
16:00 Novel Adaptive Probing for Wafer Level Chip Scale Package Mincent Lee tsmc
16:20 Six Sigma Approach of Understanding and Resolving Skip Ink Issue Wiljelm Carl Olalia ON Semiconductor
16:40 Pattern Damage and Slurry Behavior Analysis of CMP Process by Mechanical and Fluid Simulations  Yung-Tai Hung Macronix
17:00 Adjourn

**Final programme is subject to change without prior notice.