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Morning <Keynote Session>
Ecosystem Collaboration
Afternoon <Special Session>
Big-Data Applications
<Special Session>
Hardware Collaboration
<Regular Papers>
Engineering Excellence


 e-Manufacturing & Design Collaboration Symposium 2014 Venue ─ Ballroom B 10/F
Time Topic Speaker Association
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening & Welcoming Addresses    
 Keynote Session — Ecosystem Collaboration Venue ─ Ballroom B 10/F
09:10 keynote speech ─
Industry Opportunities in the Deep Nanometer Era
Suk Lee tsmc
09:45 invited speech ─
IoT, Opportunity? Challenge?
Robert Li Synopsys
10:20 Break
10:50 invited speech ─
Advanced Node Leadership Imperative
Mitch Lowe Cadence
11:25 invited speech ─
The Next 50 Billion Chips – Innovation Through Partnership
Tim Whitfield ARM
12:00 Lunch (Ballroom-A)


Special Session — BigData Applications Venue ─ Ballroom B 10/F
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 Data Lake in Action: Real-time and Closed Loop Analytics Sean Lee EMC2
14:10 O2PLS for Improved Analysis and Visualization of Complex Data Lennart Eriksson Umetrics
14:40 Big Data Journey to Fight Against Cybercrime Chung-Tsai Su Trend Micro
15:10 Break
15:40 Derive fast value from all the Big Data with Enterprise Security Nicholas Hsiao HP
16:20 Open Innovation in the Social Era: Preparing for the disruptive innovations thru social collaboration Andy Kim IBM
16:50 Data Supply Chain for Big Data Era Wen-Tsau Chiu SAS
17:20 Adjourn


Session — Engineering Excellence Venue ─ Ballroom C 10/F
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 Simulation-Based Wip Management Versus Scheduling For Semiconductor Manufacturing – A Comparison Peter Lendermann D-SIMLAB
13:50 On the Dynamics of Topological Patterns in Statistical Imputation K. Hui tsmc
14:10 Do We Still Need Daily Production Target Setting in Fully Automated Fabs Chun-Ming Chang NTU
14:30 Advanced Process Control of Effective Field Height in a Single Wafer Spin Cleaning Tool Wen-Ming Chang Macronix
14:50 3D Interconnect Simulation Applied to CMP Thickness Variations Shi-Hao Huang Synopsis
15:10 Break
15:40 The technology about coordination of the production process associated with complex product based on Task-Kitting-Crafts Xue Zhen BIT
16:00 FOUP Mini-Environment Contaminants Analysis in Semiconductor Manufacturing YiTing Kuo Macronix
16:20 Sensitivity Integrity for tool monitoring Po Feng Tsai tsmc
16:40 Tiny Physical Defects Inspection by Optimized EBI Methodology Liao Hsiang-Chou Macronix
17:00 Adjourn


Special Session — Hardware Collaboration Venue ─ Mezzanine A+B 13/F
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 Win-Win Solution for Semiconductor Hardware-Makers and Device-Manufacturers J.R. Pai
14:00 Integrating Existing Capabilities of Local Companies for Making Critical Spare Parts to Meet Logistic Demand of Semiconductor Industry Bob Chen
14:30 Think Big, Act Small, Learn Rapidly and Build for longterm John Wing
15:00 EFEM total solution for next generation process Young Y.H. Hung
15:30 Break
16:00 Experiences in the making of electronic machines Lance Wang
16:30 Applications of laser drilling techniques
Y.P. Chen
17:00 Importance of Precision Parts Cleaning for Sub‐20nm Technology Nodes Ardeshir Sidhwa QuantumClean
17:30 Adjourn

**Final programme is subject to change without prior notice.